This year’s convention body could be voting on two significant bylaw amendments, which are currently under review by the Foursquare board and cabinet. The bylaw committee is currently seeking feedback from the field on the following:

  • Voting by absentee ballots, which would make it possible to vote for a Foursquare president without attending convention
  • Increasing the number of directors on Foursquare’s board of directors so that all 14 districts have board representation

Absentee voting has long been a concern, and the amendment now under consideration would make it possible for eligible members to vote by absentee ballot in Foursquare presidential elections. The amendment accommodates both voting by mail and voting electronically.

The second amendment under consideration would increase the maximum number of directors allowed on the board from 20 to 25. This would facilitate the selection of a board member from each of the 14 districts in the United States. Currently only nine districts have directors on the board at any one time; the districts selecting directors for the board do so on a rotating schedule.

Because the proposed bylaw amendments are currently being written and are open for revision, comments from Foursquare ministers are encouraged. Sterling Brackett, corporate secretary, emphasizes that it is important for all to consider these amendments and add their comments.

“You have a voice, and your voice matters,” Sterling affirms. “Our bylaws continue to change, and your comments can help determine the direction that The Foursquare Church takes. Please let us hear your comments and concerns regarding these critical amendments.”

The cabinet will meet in March to consider the proposed bylaws amendments. The amendments will be reviewed several times by the bylaw committee and board. “The amendments often are refined as a result of your comments, as well as the comments of the cabinet,” says El Clark, corporate counsel for The Foursquare Church. “Each further revision is again posted for comment.”

El encourages ministers to check often as “the draft you review initially may not be the final draft of the proposed amendment. Your input is important and helpful.”

Once the board has confirmed the bylaws are ready for final consideration, they will be released to the convention body for voting.

Comments may be posted below, emailed to the bylaw committee, or mailed to:

The Foursquare Church
ATTN: Corporate Secretary
1910 W Sunset Blvd.  Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA  90026

Note that not all comments will solicit a response; however, all comments will be read.

To download the latest 2013 proposed bylaw amendments or to read the current Foursquare Church bylaws, visit Our Bylaws.