We honor Foursquare servants who went to be with the Lord. The following list reflects data compiled through Feb. 5, 2018.

January 2018

Rev. Pauline Aldridge

Deceased: Jan. 28, 2018
Last appointment: retired, Southeast District

Rev. Edna Bolen

Deceased: Dec. 31, 2017
Last appointment: assisting minister, Udall First Foursquare Church in Udall, Kan.

Rev. J.R. Camfield

Deceased: Jan. 23, 2018
Last appointment: senior pastor, Drifter's Community & Biker Church (El Paso Northeast Foursquare Church) in El Paso, Texas

Rev. Mollie Chaves

Deceased: Jan. 13, 2018
Last appointment: retired, Foursquare Missions International

Rev. Helen Fisher

Deceased: Nov. 30, 2017
Last appointment: retired, Gateway District

Rev. Richard Hatton

Deceased: Jan. 30, 2018
Last appointment: assisting minister, The Rock (Danville Foursquare Church) in Danville, Calif.

Rev. Walter Lunt

Deceased: Jan. 16, 2018
Last appointment: retired, Northeast Atlantic District

Rev. Wade Swinford

Deceased: Jan. 18, 2018
Last appointment: assisting minister, Life Spring (Ridgecrest Foursquare Church) in Ridgecrest, Calif.

Rev. Ray Wilson Sr.

Deceased: Jan. 31, 2018
Last appointment: retired, Pacific Southwest District

If a Foursquare credentialed minister in your life has passed away, and you are looking to notify the central office, please contact us by email.