What makes someone want to plant a church? Greg Grigsby, senior pastor of a Foursquare church in Idaho, knows from experience the answer to that question.

Greg Grigsby

The Northwest District recently interviewed Greg Grigsby, senior pastor of Adventure Church (Meridian South Foursquare Church) in Meridian, Idaho, about why he and his wife, Cindy, felt called to plant a church.

Here Greg candidly shares his heart for his city and why they launched into this new adventure.

Why did you want to plant a church?

My wife and I are both over 50, so that’s a good question. God’s timing would be the compact answer. Prior to planting, my family went to Utah together and met with our friends, Pastors Eric and Jodi Van Rhee, who planted The Adventure (Draper Foursquare Church). The time spent with them solidified what we had already been sensing.

I heard that church planting could be very effective in reaching people who don’t know Jesus, so who wouldn’t try that? That has proven to be true in this case. We simply believe that there is always room for more people with their heads, hearts and hands all moving in the same direction for Jesus.

What opportunities to reach the lost have you seen since planting?

Of the 10 or so people we have introduced to Christ in the past months, only one of those took place in the church building. Here in South Meridian, we are rethinking how we “do church.” We are constantly thinking about how can we make our church a place where people can participate, connect and feel value.

One instance last fall took place while I was drinking coffee at one of my many offices (McDonald’s) and working on my message for Sunday. I had left my computer open while I went to the restroom. When I came back, there was a lady sitting close by, and she asked if I had a moment to talk. She apologized, and said she was reading what was on my computer screen and wanted to know if God could help her in her situation. We talked for an hour or so and prayed together before I had to leave.

What motivated you to want to help plant another church so soon after planting Meridian South?

A friend, who originally wanted to plant in Caldwell years ago while serving as my youth leader, called me. He said his heart was still to plant there in Caldwell, and he was stepping out of ministry where he was and wanted to know what I would recommend. They had a small group of friends, some of whom he personally led to Christ, that wanted to consider planting a new church. I connected him with the church-planter’s cohort, and he and his wife have just finished the first section.

Although we originally placed church planting into our total church budget plan before we started, we never dreamed it would happen so soon. I guess it’s because of properly maintained relationships through the years and a God-size love for people that other ministers have asked to connect with what we are doing, i.e., praying hard, working hard and continually reinventing ourselves.

My greatest motivation is that it’s just crazy fun to think about connecting with existing teams who want to plant with excellence, or building new teams and then placing them in strategic locations around this growing valley.

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This article is adapted from an article published on The Foursquare Church’s Northwest District website. Used by permission.