Fifteen months ago, 14 new districts were launched to serve some 1,800 churches in the United States. Supervisors and their teams have worked tirelessly to reconnect with churches and build a culture of health and fruitfulness.

As these districts continue to grow stronger in resourcing, coaching and networking local ministries, most of the national church ministries are being decentralized to the districts and local churches. We continue to ask the question, "Who does this best: local, district or national?" As that question is answered, we make adjustments to personnel and funding so we can better resource that delivery system.

Districts are developing teams for NextGen ministry (to serve children, youth and young adults); women’s and men’s ministries; health and development of leaders and churches with intentional focus on age, gender and ethnicity; administrative helps; camps; and more. Consultation and strategic planning have been taking place in several districts, and every district developed a ministry plan this spring. This is the type of planning that will take place annually.

The three-focused approach of the national church office is as follows:

  • Leadership Care: Chuck Shoemake and Robby Booth
  • Education and Leadership Development: Dan Hedges and Tim Mossholder
  • Church Health and Multiplication/Urban and Multicultural Ministries: Rod Koop and Ted Vail

In the coming additions of Foursquare Leader magazine and Foursquare Leader Update, we will report on each area of ministry and its focus.

Healthy, multiplying leaders and churches that make disciples of the nations is our mission!

By: Tammy Dunahoo, general supervisor of The Foursquare Church.