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Missional Objectives

The three Missional Objectives were the result of months of Reimagine Foursquare meetings determining the most important collective missional focus. The board of directors determined the tithe invested in the local church should be used toward these objectives.

The Missional Objectives are as follows:

  • Leadership development
  • Church and congregation multiplication
  • Church transformation

Watch This

As your church receives funds to help fulfill the missional objectives, you may wonder how to spend it wisely. Watch an encouraging video with three district supervisors explaining some ideas on where best to invest this money.


Keep Up With the Missional Objectives

Hear from President Glenn Burris Jr., General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo on why they are so excited to be sending money back to the field to help fund local missional objective efforts. Also read stories on how local churches are accomplishing missional objectives to get ideas on what you might be able to accomplish in your local church.

Read President Glenn Burris Jr.’s announcement regarding returning tithe money to the field.

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Why Leadership Development Matters

Tammy Dunahoo invites you to join fellow Foursquare leaders on a journey to intentional leadership development. Leadership development, she says, is formation over a lifetime that shapes hearts, minds and hands to effectively fulfill God’s design.


Avoid the Mess When Planting a Church

Church planting can be a messy business. Northwest District Supervisor Dave Veach offers a look at the pitfalls to avoid when planting a church, in light of Foursquare’s Missional Objective of church and congregation multiplication.


Tammy Dunahoo on Leadership Development

In an exclusive interview, General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo shares how The Foursquare Church is pursuing leadership development, the first of our movement’s three Missional Objectives, and why it is crucial to fulfilling our mission.