Reimagine Foursquare

Reimagine Foursquare. Join the journey to Foursquare's future.

What is Reimagine Foursquare?

What is Reimagine Foursquare, an IFLF loan, a Missional Congregation, and a partridge in a pear tree? We can help you define three out of the four at least.

Reimagine Foursquare

The process that The Foursquare Church is embarking upon; an honest, in-depth and collaborative look at missional and organizational effectiveness. A journey of discernment, dialogue and discovery for establishing a missionally and organizationally effective movement: a movement that is making disciples, developing leaders of diverse people groups, multiplying churches and missional congregations, and becoming a movement of movements.

Covenant Church

A Covenant Church voluntarily enters a written covenant agreement, in which it pledges to adhere to Foursquare’s bylaws and to operate fully as a local Foursquare church. In turn, The Foursquare Church pledges to provide the same covering and care to a local Covenant Church that would be given to a Foursquare Charter Church. This agreement removes barriers for existing churches who want to be part of the Foursquare family and also maintain direct responsibility for decisions to buy, sell, improve, encumber or lease church-owned property.

Town Hall meetings (THMs)

22 Gatherings held in each of the 14 districts that gave every pastor and leader in the Foursquare family a voice in the process of reimagining the future for the Foursquare movement. Desired outcomes of the THMs were to: (1) share a dream; (2) share the journey; (3) engage in helpful conversation; and (4) advise on next steps.

IFLF Loans

The internal loans that The Foursquare Church (ICFG) has given to our churches.

Outside Loans

The loans our churches get from lenders other than Foursquare.

Loan Certificate

A time deposit in which churches or individuals can invest through Foursquare Financial Solutions Loan Fund.

Foursquare Foundation

Foursquare Foundation has committed its next season of ministry partnership to The Foursquare Church's Reimagine efforts. Included is a continued commitment to Foursquare education through the Paul and Marilee Risser Endowment for Pastoral Leadership Fund and the Foursquare Church Education Commission; partnering with FMI and the Foursquare Global Council for the catalyzation of international work; honoring past ministry efforts by supporting retirees through our Foursquare Senior Living projects; and reaching the urban core through a five-year commitment to the Global Cities Strategy.

Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS)

Provides comprehensive fiduciary oversight of Foursquare’s financial services. Oversight and management of: (1) all planned and estate giving activity (charitable trusts, gift annuities, estate, trustee and fiduciary services); (2) the new FFS Loan Fund; (3) Foursquare Retirement Services; (4) Foursquare Insurance Services; (5) Foursquare Foundation Investment Portfolio; and (6) investment services.

Missional Congregation

A missional congregation is one that is Ezra registered and has a covenant relationship with a local Foursquare church (e.g., multisite campuses, ethnic/language-specific congregations, church plants in process of development). A missional congregation differs from a Foursquare church in that a Foursquare church is EIN registered and has a covenant relationship with ICFG.

Presidential Task Force (PTF)

A group of U.S. Foursquare leaders commissioned by the board of directors to provide advice regarding positioning The Foursquare Church for increased fruitfulness during the next 100 years. The PTF seeks to unlock potential, assess, analyze, and recommend important and courageous steps that will allow Foursquare to be a relevant 21st-century movement.


Extension Tithe Also Known as Tithe on the Tithe

The Foursquare Gospel Church Extension Tithe Fund. This fund is the tithe received from Foursquare churches and is the funding model for our mission and the support structures of the central office and district offices.

100% Back to the Field

The desired outcome of returning as much tithe/resources as possible to the local church (“the field”).

Religious Corporation

An entity having legal authority to act distinct from its members, if any, and the entity may exist indefinitely. Corporations have a board of directors. Corporations have officers.


This is a tax exempt status: determination by IRS based on Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3) that a charitable entity meets the criteria to be exempted from payment of federal income taxes.

Group Exemption

The IRS sometimes recognizes a group of organizations as tax-exempt if they are affiliated with a central organization. This avoids the need for each of the organizations to apply for exemption individually. A group exemption letter has the same effect as an individual exemption letter except that it applies to more than one organization.