Join the Movement! How to Become a Licensed Foursquare Pastor.

Foursquare Credentials

The process for earning your Foursquare credentials

Do you feel called to formal ministry within The Foursquare Church? Whether you are called to serve at a local church, as an evangelist or even a missionary, here’s what it takes to get credentialed within The Foursquare Church.

  • Inquiry Phase: Connect with your Foursquare church's senior pastor, your district team or other Foursquare ministry leader. They can request a license application for you.
  • Background Phase: Order a background check. Your district team can help you.
  • Applicant Phase: Complete your license application, which your district will review.
  • Candidate Phase: Be assigned a personal credentialing coach and complete our online polity course.
  • Interview Phase: Be interviewed by a panel for final recommendation to our board of directors. 

The timeline largely depends on the applicant’s initiative; it can take as little as four to six months.

Church Appointments

In order to be licensed, candidates must receive an appointment to serve at a Foursquare church.  Candidates who are serving in non-Foursquare appointments may pursue credentialing through Foursquare Association.

Foursquare District Offices

The Foursquare Church has 11 district offices located throughout the U.S. to serve our local churches. Find your local district office to get your credentialing process started.