Affinity Networks afford our movement an opportunity to support leaders and sponsor distinctive missional activity even outside of the local church. Connecting leaders who share like passions creates space for the following:

  1. An organic exchange of ideas and resources
  2. Opportunities for collaboration
  3. Healthy multiplication of ministry

The networks, in cooperation with U.S. districts and churches, are part of the holistic, kingdom-focused mission of God and Foursquare’s call to multiply disciples, leaders, churches and movements.

Join a Network

Interested in learning more about a network? Check out the current list of Affinity Networks, or contact Sue Spousta.

Network Name Who to Contact
Anti-Human Trafficking Network Contact Nita Belles
Business As Mission Network Contact Jonathan Hall
Campus Ministry Network Contact Russ Collins
Compassion Ministries Network Contact Sue Spousta
Foster Advocacy Network Contact Sue Spousta
International Student Outreach Network Contact Sam Johnson and Bruce Primrose
Refugee Care Network Contact Joe Gosha

Create a Network

There are endless networks that can be birthed, nurtured, multiplied and extended. If you have an idea for an Affinity Network, please contact Sue Spousta for help with development and facilitation.