Senior pastor

  • Part Time
  • Atlantic

Marion Foursquare Church

The Gathering Place (Marion OH Foursquare) in Marion, Ohio, is seeking a part-time senior pastor for its congregation. The requirements are as follows:

CHARACTER: Does this leader have a reputation for Christ-like character and adherence to our Foursquare theology both in belief and practice?

  • A deep love and awe of the Lord, the Church and relationships.
  • Preaches the unwavering truth of the Word of God.
  • Humility to know God as their everything.

CALLING: How does the calling of this leader align with the calling of the church and its current assignment?

  • Loves and serves others well.
  • Provides a safe environment for transformational growth.
  • Seeks God through a consistent prayer life. (Growth is measured more by depth than quantity.)

COMPETENCIES: What particular skillsets would we consider baseline for leading this church?

  • Has a biblical kingdom mindset.
  • Makes disciples with healthy relational boundaries.
  • Is skilled in relational and financial situations with the ability to discern with confident authority.

CAPACITY: Is this individual capable of providing legacy leadership for the congregation?

  • Has the fruit of a godly life, demonstrating a maturity of faith.
  • A legacy of having poured depth into the body in a way that the body would continue to be sustained by the deposits made.

CONFIRMATION: What is the history of this leader that would indicate we are getting someone who has performed the leadership behaviors needed and not just one who has great potential?

  • A humble heart, yet not an orphan spirit, who knows how to function in their sonship.
  • A proven track record of loving and encouraging others to their fullest potential with an uncompromised biblical foundation.
  • Proven staying power with a reckless love for God and man.

Foursquare ministerial credentials are required for all Foursquare pastoral appointments.

To apply for this job email your details to