Are you a credentialed minister ready for the next step? Keep growing with Foursquare and consider making a commitment to a lifelong call to ministry.

Credentialed ministers who have been serving for two years have the opportunity to become ordained.

Ordination is the setting apart of someone’s life for spiritual leadership and authority within the body of Christ. It is a culmination of the ministerial licensing process and is bestowed on an individual after two years of faithful ministerial service. We value ordination as a recognition of a lifelong call to ministry, affirmed by both the minister being presented for ordination and those in spiritual authority over his/her life.

Interested in being ordained?

Or call 213.989.4380 for an appointment with a credentialing specialist.

Ordination Q+A

The Foursquare Association includes two groups: community members and credentialed ministers. As a community member applicant, your district office will put you in contact with a local Foursquare minister to help you establish relationships and become better acquainted with Foursquare.

Ordination is bestowed on an individual after two years of faithful ministerial service. At the two-year mark, the minister will be notified by the credentialing team that they qualify for ordination.

The senior pastor/appointing pastor will be contacted after the minister responds with an application for ordination. The senior pastor will receive a reference form, at which time they can communicate their recommendation.

Ordination services are held at your District’s Foursquare Leader Conference every fall. 

Once the paperwork is complete and processed, you will receive further support with choosing your ceremony and getting ceremony details. We will assist you in getting everything set up.

To participate in the ordination service during the district-hosted Foursquare Leader Conference(s) you will need to complete all paperwork by August 15. This includes the senior leader’s recommendation form which is sent via email from the credentialing team and completed confidentially.

Need to get credentialed first?