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Become a Minister

Become a Minister

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What It Means to Be Credentialed

A credentialed minister is trusted and approved by our board of directors to perform the tasks of a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ in a particular ministry assignment. There are two types of minister assignments: at a Foursquare church, and with our Foursquare Association.

Become a Minister at a Foursquare Church

With Foursquare ministerial credentials, you can serve in a pastoral leadership role, perform marriages and burials, and more. This option is available whether this is your first ministerial credential, or you want to move your credentials to join Foursquare’s global family.

Become a Minister Through the Foursquare Association

The Foursquare Association includes a network of ministers at non-Foursquare churches who share similar values, mission and commitment in relationship with Foursquare. With credentials through our Association, you benefit from our spiritual covering, resources and events.

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What to Expect for our Credentialing Process

1. Inquiry Phase

Connect with your senior pastor, district team or other Foursquare ministry leader. They can request a license application for you.

2. Background Phase

Order a background check. Your district team can help you.

3. Applicant Phase

Complete your license application, which your district will review.

4. Candidate Phase

Be assigned a personal credentialing coach and complete our online polity course.

5. Interview Phase

Be interviewed by a panel for final recommendation to our board of directors.

Timeline for Completion

This depends on your initiative; it can take as little as four to six months.

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