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Hurricane Updates

Hurricane Irma: U.S. Relief Update

Oct. 10, 2017 - Following Hurricane Irma impact, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) reports that two semi-truck loads of supplies and material goods have been delivered to four area hubs in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida. Meanwhile, the FDR team has remained in regular contact with The Foursquare Church's Southeast District. Together, they are working to resource several churches and communities' hurricane recovery efforts.

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Praying for Access and Peace after Hurricane Maria

Sept. 27, 2017 - A week after Puerto Rico was sent into darkness following Hurricane Maria, Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is fully equipped and ready to respond to their urgent needs. Foursquare Area Missionaries David and Nancy Stone, based in Puerto Rico, are safe; leaders and members of Foursquare’s several churches there have all been accounted for. The main church, Bayamon Foursquare Church PR, is understood to have suffered significant damage. Meanwhile, Ministerio International La Roca (Tampa West Hispanic Foursquare Church) in Tampa, Fla., is hosting a benefit today to help provide relief materials.

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Hurricane Irma International Update

Sept. 15, 2017 - Following Hurricane Harvey, Foursquare pastors are leading the charge to help muck out homes that flooded in their communities. Local congregations are partnering with volunteer teams coming from fellow Foursquare churches across the country. Together, they are faithfully cleaning out homes—especially for those who have no assistance, including senior citizens. "People in the area are finding The Foursquare Church ready to serve," Jason Reynolds of Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) says.

The mucking process is expected to take two to three more weeks. Any churches or individuals willing to serve can sign up to volunteer.

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Hurricane Irma International Update

Sept. 14, 2017 - Area Missionary Dave Stone confirmed that in Cuba, seven churches were damaged by Hurricane Irma, including one church in Camaguey that was destroyed. As the pastors live on the church property, their homes were also destroyed. In Haiti, four homes of Foursquare members were heavily damaged or destroyed. Currently, Foursquare Disaster Relief is assessing how to best help assist these churches in rebuilding.

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Hurricane Irma Miracle

Sept. 13, 2017 - Foursquare Chaplains Tom and Kathy Provenzano had an answer to prayer even while they were praying for others as Irma hit. They left their home in Fort Myers to volunteer at a Red Cross shelter, hearing later from a neighbor that their own property had been flooded. High water prevented them from getting close enough to assess the damage for several hours, but they eventually found their home was bone dry, even while their backyard and other houses around were flooded. “It was a miracle,” says Tom. “When we left and locked everything, we had just prayed to the Lord to just deliver us like he did the children of Israel during the Passover. We knew God wanted us to go and serve others, and we sensed the Holy Spirit telling us somehow we were going to be taken care of.”

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Helping After Hurricane Irma

Sept. 12, 2017 - Following Hurricane Irma, Cheryl Sejour, a pastor at Gateway (Miami Haitian Foursquare Church) in Miami Gardens, found tensions running high when she visited a hardware store where people were desperate to get materials for repairs. “Everybody was getting really upset and angry, and my heart just broke,” recalls Cheryl. “They had no hope and no peace.” Addressing the group, she told them, “You just need hope and peace, and the only one that can give you that is Jesus.” Some were moved to tears and accepted Christ as she spoke. Using a generator to be provided with funds from Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR), the Sejours plan to hold neighborhood cookouts to feed people in their community. “We are excited at what God is going to do,” says Cheryl. “These times really do prepare people's hearts; it’s like their hearts are open to receive the truth and love of Jesus.”

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Encouragement in Crises

Sept. 11, 2017 - It’s easy for our hearts to grow weary of what seems like ongoing repetition of the same stories on the news. Chad Isenhart, international response director of Foursquare Disaster Relief, offers advice for keeping our hearts soft so we don’t become desensitized or burned out in responding to long-term crises.

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News Update: U.S. Hit by Hurricane Irma

Sept. 10, 2017 - Hurricane Irma, currently a category 2 storm, makes landfall in the U.S. Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) personnel have sent emergency recommendations for Florida impact and are in ongoing communication with Foursquare's Southeast District in the U.S.

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Funds Released for Hurricane Irma Relief

Sept. 8, 2017 - Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) funds have been released in advance of Hurricane Irma so that countries in the Caribbean--including Haiti where Foursquare churches are already experiencing flooding--will be prepared with food, clean water, gas and other essentials. We are grateful to report that the Dominican Republic experienced minimal damage, and that while power went out in Puerto Rico, our Foursquare family is safe. Meanwhile, Cuba, the Bahamas and the Florida Keys are currently in the path of the storm.

Hurrican Harvey News Update

Sept. 8, 2017 - Foursquare Pastor John Elliott was trapped in his attic for almost a whole day while his home in Texas flooded due to Hurricane Harvey. But that hasn't stopped him from mobilizing his Hitchcock Foursquare Church church members to go to a local shelter and help distribute food. Read the full news report to see how Foursquare Disaster Relief is working with local Foursquare churches to bring long-term relief.

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Prayer Needed: Hurricane Irma Makes Landfall

Sept. 7, 2017 - Pray for Hurricane Irma to dissipate, for this raging storm to come to a miraculous end. Please pray for those in the Caribbean, where the storm has already left a path of destruction.

Donation Update

Sept. 7, 2017 - Foursquare Disaster Relief has raised more than $125,000 to offer help to Hurricane Harvey victims. We celebrate and thank you for your generous giving! Donations are still being accepted as much work is left to be done.

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New Video From Texas

Sept. 3, 2017 - From Texas, Foursquare Disaster Relief's U.S. Director and Foursquare Chaplains International Director Jason Reynolds is actively communicating with local Foursquare churches to ensure they get the help they need to provide spiritual care and meet physical needs in their communities. In this brand new video, Jason will let you know the latest needs and how your church can help this weekend.

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A Word From Our President

Sept. 1, 2017 - The damage from Harvey is unprecedented, with costs estimated at more than $100 billion. Lives were lost and others are still in great peril. In the midst of the devastation, our local Texas Foursquare pastors have responded quickly and are showing generosity, compassion and wisdom in this urgent and sometimes dire situation. We have a chance to cover them, support them and hold their hands up. These Foursquare pastors and leaders are our family, and they need your support. Every prayer you pray and dollar you give will generate momentum toward rescue and restoration. Thank you. This is what "family" truly means.

Glenn Burris Jr.
President, The Foursquare Church

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Download Your Action Kit

Sept. 1, 2017 - Get ready to equip your congregation to pray and give to Foursquare Disaster Relief's Hurricane Harvey efforts. Download the Pastor's Action Kit and find talking points, prayer points, and ready-to-use slides. Your congregation's prayers and donations can make a real difference. Thank you Foursquare family!

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Apply to Deploy

Aug. 31, 2017 - Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) personnel are coming alongside to provide support. In Texas, FDR personnel have been working with the MidSouth District to coordinate strategic response. In addition to funds distribution for food aid, that plan includes the mobilization of volunteer teams, which Foursquare churches nationwide can coordinate and apply to deploy and serve.

"While FEMA and the State of Texas are asking people not to self-deploy,” Jason Reynolds of FDR and Foursquare Chaplains International states, "we are in the process of looking for open pathways for our Foursquare family to mobilize and send volunteers to help in the very near future.”

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News Update: Foursquare Responds to Hurricane Harvey

Aug. 30, 2017 - When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston, Foursquare was already on the ground. Local churches are jumping in to serve victims, ready to partner with other organizations in order to efficiently bring help quickly. Learn what Foursquare is doing, and how you can make a real difference through giving.

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Donation Update

Aug. 30, 2017 - Right now, Angleton, Texas, is completely cut off from receiving outside supplies, reports Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR). Fortunately, funds can still be sent to support aid efforts already in motion. So far, FDR has given $10,000 to Life Church to assist with their disaster relief efforts. They are asking for more donations to continue to respond as the hands and feet of Jesus through our local churches.

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How Foursquare is Helping Now

Aug. 29, 2017 - Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) has sent food and clean water to areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Local churches are providing this food, plus shelter, to evacuees. FDR first responders are caring for spiritual and physical needs.

Interested in Volunteering?

Aug. 28, 2017 - Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) is asking that church groups wait to arrive on the scene in Houston. FDR encourages folks interested in volunteering to fill out the volunteer application.

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Prayer Requests

Aug. 27, 2017 - Pray for safety and health for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. That supernatural strength would support them in the days to come. Pray for relief workers to have access to ample supplies and shelter to support all those in need.

Current Prayer Requests

Help Support Communities by Joining in Prayer

  • Pray for those searching for help and assistance. May they have clear paths to government resources, privately-funded resources and local resource centers to get the help they need.
  • Pray for the safety of those risking their lives to help others, and for endurance for those stepping up to serve.
  • Pray for safety and health for those affected. That supernatural strength would support them in the days to come.
  • Pray for relief workers to have access to ample supplies and shelter to support all those in need.
  • Pray for continued strategic response from aid organizations and churches, and for long-term partnership.
  • Pray for continued opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who need hope.