Training Opportunities

  • District Sponsored

    Foursquare districts are committed to providing pre-service and in-service training to ministers and churches within their districts, which enables church leaders to better fulfill their calling. These programs, under the direction of district supervisors, may utilize resources from the National Church Office and our education institutions.

    Recognized standards for Continuing Education Units (CEU) are observed whenever possible.

  • NextGen is a resourcing and networking site for NextGen pastors and leaders. Its fresh and original content is designed for those in the trenches and is categorized for easy access. On the Subscribe page you can sign up for the NextGen newsletter and find training resources. On the Meet Your NextGen Reps page you can connect with your district representative and join ministry affinity Facebook groups for children's, youth and young adult pastors and leaders. Both NextGen leaders and their teams will enjoy the wealth of NextGen Ministries content.

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  • Church Sponsored

    Church-sponsored programs offer affordable ministry training in a variety of formats, ranging from one to four years in duration. Programs generally include academics as well as opportunities for hands-on ministry. There are a number of institutes and schools of ministry for Spanish speakers as well as one for speakers of Portuguese.

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