Meet The Foursquare Church Education Commission (FCEC)

Daniel Hedges, chairman
Jim Adams
Sarah Ahn
Glenn Burris Jr.*
Douglas Bursch
Brian Cain
Tammy Dunahoo*
Frank Greer
Remi Lawanson
David Moore
Doretha O’Quinn
Steve Overman
Leah Payne
Daniel Prieto
Sam Rockwell*

*Executive official

FCEC Support Staff

Jessie Cruickshank
Courtney Hall

Jessie Cruickshank, nationally recognized leader in the fields of experiential education and educational neuroscience, is a demonstrated disciple-maker and facilitator of spiritual transformation. She holds a master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Mind, Brain, and Education, and she is passionate about creating organic systems that facilitate human and organizational development.

A graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts and The King’s University, Courtney Hall studied film and television at NYU prior to working for four years as executive producer of the weekly television broadcast, “Spirit Formed” with Jack Hayford. An ordained Foursquare minister, husband and father of two, Courtney has been a children’s pastor, as well as a college administrator and faculty member. He is currently the national church education coordinator for The Foursquare Church and is completing a master’s degree at Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College).

Daniel Hedges is the chairman of The Foursquare Church Education Commission. For twelve years he has served in various educational leadership roles within The Foursquare Church. For thirty years he has been a pastor, educator and consultant in higher education, elementary and secondary education. He has served with the graduate faculty and administration of Regent University as well as Oral Roberts University, where he led the Doctor of Ministry program.

Sam Rockwell is the district supervisor of the Gateway District of The Foursquare Church and the chairman of the board of trustees for Life Pacific College (also known as LIFE Bible College). Before supervising, he was the founding pastor of NorthRock Church (Thornton Foursquare Church).

Sam has served as a professional consultant to both church and business leaders in 30 countries on six continents. He directs Gateway Collegium, an innovative education program that combines life coaching, online courses and leadership training events.

Sam possesses a Master of Science in organization development, a Master of Arts in human development and a Doctorate in human and organizational systems. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado (Boulder), Pepperdine University, Life Pacific College and The King’s University.