Church Planting

Plant a Church. Get ready to multiply.

Church Multiplication

Thank you for visiting the Foursquare website on church multiplication. We are excited that you are here giving this a look. If God has gifted you to multiply a new gospel presence, unique to the context of a particular community that is not being reached or served, you are in the right place. This site will inform you of our standard process across the U.S. and give you the direction of where to go in the region you feel called to become assessed, trained, coached and funded as a new church plant.

Church Planting Inquiry

Inquire with the district office in the area that you are interested in planting; each district office has its own contextualized process that may vary slightly from region to region.

Find the local district that serves the area you may want to reach.

We believe in the importance of good assessments, and each district will use an assessment tool to start the process for all church planters.

We place a high value on assessment. All districts use an assessment process that has been approved by Foursquare. Connect with your district office to get the assessment started today!

Every district uses a 9- to 12-month cohort model for training new church planters. We are not model specific*, but context and mission specific.

Training topics include self-awareness, strengths and weaknesses, personal family health and relationships, gift assessment, contextualization, kingdom of God, theology, missiology, ecclesiology, discipleship, leadership, cross-cultural skills and church administration.

Every district will see to it that you have a competent church planter coach chosen just for you. During the training in the cohort model, there is peer coaching and table coaching that will help you see areas of growth, as well as issues to confront both personally and in the new organization. Each planter will have a coach through the training and development process, and for a season following the launch.

We provide all processes and training for planters (valued up to $10,000). In addition, church plants may be funded within a range of $25,000-$55,000, depending on benchmarks for people committed to the plant, matching funds according to district fund availability, model and commitment of the planter to the process.

*Multiple models are encouraged because our process is flexible according to context (i.e., congregations as previously defined, simple church networks, partnerships with U.S. mission endeavors). Also, for local churches that have a proven process, the district serves only as a support and partner in funding.