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How do I give to chaplains?

Foursquare Chaplains International has been called to take the Foursquare gospel to those who need help, hope and healing in places beyond the typical reach of the local church. Your generous giving to the chaplains fund enables chaplains to mobilize leaders to effectively proclaim this good news around the world and to provide chaplain training, field resources, and expertise in ministering to those outside the walls of the church.


How do I pray for Chaplains?

Download a free monthly prayer guide published by Foursquare Chaplains International, and help people in your church pray for our chaplains, associate chaplains and chaplain candidates who serve locally and around the world.

Chaplain Prayer Guide
Download the latest prayer guide.

I don't have any Chaplains from my church. How can I adopt a Chaplain?

If you don't already have direct contact with a chaplain, call 213-989-4246 or email Jeff Mink at the Foursquare Chaplains office for assistance.

How do I send a care package to a military chaplain serving overseas?

Mailing rules may vary depending on the deployed location. In each case, you must have the specific deployed address of the military chaplain you want to sent a package to and the chaplain must know in advance that you intend to send a package. We recommend that you communicate beforehand to find out what items would be desired. Contact the Foursquare Chaplains office at 213-989-4246 for assistance. 

How can I donate to Foursquare Chaplains International?

The gifts of our chaplains and friends of the chaplaincy make it possible for Foursquare Chaplains International to perpetuate the ministry of the chaplaincy. Contributions help cover essential memberships in national chaplaincy associations, advocacy for our chaplains’ rights to minister, staff attendance at various conferences, conventions and chaplain ceremonies, conducting our annual chaplains conference, participation in the annual Foursquare convention and administrative salaries and stipends. Your contribution also helps our chaplains serving and ministering to thousands of lives by proclaiming the gospel to the poor, sick, downcast, imprisoned, overwhelmed and hungry … resulting in countless numbers being saved, encouraged and comforted! It also helps chaplains be able to attend annual chaplain conferences and Foursquare convention, as well as receive counseling for trauma and stress-related challenges from long-term, intense assignments. We encourage your faithful support, making possible our continued assistance. Any contributions are separate from local church-extension tithe and FMI giving.

When sending your contributions, please make checks out to ICFG, and put "Chaplains Tithe Fund" in the memo section.
Please mail checks to: 

Foursquare Chaplains International
P.O. Box 26902
Los Angeles, CA 90026