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Convention Business Foursquare Connection 2016 Reports + Updates.

2016 President’s Report

“I do believe this is a kairos moment for us. Every decision we make into our future should be about keeping the door open for whoever God has to bring into us, and remaining a movement more and an institution less. Let’s be driven by the mission and the message."

President Glenn Burris Jr. spoke these words to the Foursquare convention body before they voted at the second of Foursquare Connection 2016’s business sessions. The president’s report, given to the cabinet earlier in 2016, showed the clear progress made in the first Reimagine process. The Five Stakes have seen significant work accomplished.

Now, as we move into Reimagine 2.0, Glenn spoke again of the need to transition from a “parenting to a partnering” mentality. He shared deep convictions with the convention body that these changes are less about a business decision, and more an intensely missional alignment.

The corporatization of church needs to be addressed but without the overly strong response of rejecting all institutional form. “The corporate side of life should serve our mission, and not the other way around.”

To see more about how far the Reimagine process has come, and where we are heading, download the full president’s report below.

Presidential Report
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