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2016 State of the Local Church 

Before beginning the National Church Office (NCO) report, General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo and President Glenn Burris Jr. took time to honor Chuck Shoemake and his work providing leadership over the C.A.R.E. Ministry for The Foursquare Church. “Chuck, there’s no one I feel safer with than with you,” said Glenn. Paul Kuzma will be transitioning to the leadership of the Center for Spiritual Renewal (CSR) East, with Robby Booth remaining in leadership at the CSR West.

As Chuck and his team have provided first-class care to ministers, God has been working powerfully through the local church. We have seen growth in water baptisms, Holy Spirit baptisms and membership this past year.

Tammy shared information on the generational transition process as our pastorate passes the baton to a new wave of Foursquare ministers. Since 2010, there have been 578 senior pastor transitions, alongside the opening of 374 congregations and 277 churches. This equates, she says, to a complete remaking of our organization.

After realigning our districts and providing catalytic leadership through our district supervisors, three task forces were formed around the three Missional Objectives:

  • Leadership formation
  • Church multiplication
  • Church transformation

Sam Rockwell, joined by District Supervisors Ron Pinkston, Kimberly Dirmann and Juan M. Vallejo, addressed the area of leadership formation. "Every Foursquare pastor and planter will craft a written vision for her life and ministry, and a plan for leadership formation toward its fulfillment. The districts will provide training opportunities and tools to develop and resource them. To model this, Foursquare leaders will participate first—the executive team, board of directors, district supervisors and their teams."

Utilizing Canvas, an online platform for collaborative learning, each district can create communities of learning, challenge and care.

Quoting Winston Churchill, Sam Rockwell stated that "for each there comes a moment … what a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared for that which could have been their finest hour." The leadership formation team hopes that these learning and development opportunities will avoid any such tragedy and see our ministers fully equipped for the work ahead.

Dave Veach and his team then spoke to the objective of church multiplication. "This is the greatest day of the church of Jesus Christ. It is not a time to shrink back, and you have not done that!" With 95 multiplications in the past 12 months, there is great hope that we will see even more embrace the call to plant new, life-giving churches, and take hold of the opportunities afforded through district assessment, training, funding and ongoing coaching.

Last, Dennis Easter and his team, tasked with addressing church transformation, reminded us of the importance of theological foundations. Our efforts must be rooted in missiology over ecclesiology. This speaks to the contextualization of local churches and movements who will own the Foursquare theological tradition, understand their own context and reflect their own uniqueness.

In closing, Tammy Dunahoo left us with the encouragement that we have a national framework that describes Foursquare but leaves room in each district for contextualized creativity.

For more information on the state of the U.S. Foursquare Church, download the full NCO report.

NCO Report
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