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2016 Foursquare Foundation Report

“We’re going to partner for a greater impact,” says Joe Wainer, Foursquare Foundation’s interim CEO. In order to prevent unintended competing between certain areas within Foursquare, and to reduce the silo effect of disconnected global initiatives, the Foundation is moving from a grant process (singular mission, singular partnership) to an allocation process (aligned mission, aligned partnerships).

Current projects see the Foundation helping with Foursquare Missions International (FMI), the new online Jack W. Hayford Library, bridge funding for direct missional purposes and SOGI training development for Foursquare ministers, among other things.

In maintaining a commitment to education, there are significant contributions to Life Pacific College, Ignite Academy and residency scholarships.

An exciting development in Foursquare is the Global Council. This is a major part of where Foundation resources have been redirected, with the vision of creating a community of global churches through shared resources, shared mission and shared learning.

During the report, Ted Vail, who will become the director of Foursquare Missions International in September, and Gabe Barreiro, North Pacific District supervisor, gave more insight into the global vision and investment. Ted Vail highlighted three committees that the Global Council has formed. These committees focus on functional structures (unity and community), shared mission (city transformation, Muslim ministry and new territories), and training and development (theological unity and relevant training).

Gabe Barreiro gave some insight into our Global Cities strategy, which has seen $1.1 million invested of the $3 million committed. Gabe shared how the largest migration in the world known to date is taking place to cities. With this in mind, Gabe offered four important points regarding the future of ministry in the world:

  1. We must be intentional about cities.
  2. We must be honest about our weakness.
  3. We must be realistic about the cost.
  4. We will benefit in the future!

Along with these major global partnerships, Foursquare Foundation also continued to honor retired ministers by providing living assistance at Foursquare properties, and helped local churches with innovative projects such as the solar lending project, which was pioneered in Hilo, Hawaii. This project provides a loan opportunity for churches to install solar panels, reducing utility costs in order to sow more money into missions and less into facilities.

The heart of the Foundation to see even greater fruitfulness and alignment with the mission of Foursquare. To achieve this, a new charter and bylaws are being developed, along with a transition of board members and the hiring of a permanent CEO for the Foundation.

Foundation Report
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