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2016 State of Foursquare Missions International

Stake 1 of the Reimagine process is to align everything Foursquare to the Great Commission. As we begin Reimagine 2.0, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) is beginning its own Reimagine journey.

Jim Scott, current director of FMI, spoke passionately to the need for each local church to engage with this preeminent mission of Christ’s church in this age—the Great Commission. The global Foursquare Church is 43 times larger than the U.S. Church, so the potential for reaching every tribe, tongue and nation is huge.

As we approach the leadership transition from Jim Scott to Ted Vail, there is a focusing of vision to the unreached and the least reached peoples of the earth, an unwavering commitment to Foursquare missiology (the Four-Stage Model), and a developing strategy for global and local partnerships toward global ministry.

Ted Vail, who will be transitioning to the role of FMI director in September, spoke further to our need to work together. “You might go faster alone, but you’ll go farther together.” Part of this community mindfulness comes in having a strong response to the new realities of peril.

Missions is not safe work, but we can make it safer by participating in security training that addresses the personal safety of the ministers and the people receiving ministry. This means we will be paying careful attention to cyber security. New training and protocols are being developed to provide greater awareness of risk, and ways to maximize security for field personnel and works in closed-access places.

A report was also given as to how Foursquare Disaster Relief has assisted in over 100 disasters since 2010, with over $10 million donated. This compassionate response has helped many communities, and even seen new nations opened to the gospel.

“The best way to respond to a disaster is through the local church,” said Ted Vail, “and we’re all in this together. Let’s go to the unreached together!”

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