Convention 2015

Sent. We do not only go; we are sent.

2015 Prophecies

The Holy Spirit brought many words to the Foursquare family through His people. A theme of encouragement and expectation binds many of them together as we look to the next season of Great Commission work.

Leslie Keegel, national leader of The Foursquare Church in Sri Lanka, delivered a word on unity, alignment, healing and reconciliation. Three groups of leaders and churches represented different attitudes and responses to a fresh pouring out from the heart of Jesus, and we are encouraged to enter into a “new season of refreshing and revival.”

The full prophecy is also available for download.

Several other prophetic words were delivered during our corporate gatherings, and others were not shared publicly at the time but are now being made available for the prayerful consideration and edification of the Foursquare family.

Now Is Your Time

Deborah Cole
Worship/Music Pastor
The Bridge (Rancho Santa Margarita South Foursquare Church)
Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

As the conference has progressed, God brought to mind Francis Chan at last year’s conference and his words regarding Moses on the mountain waiting for God to speak and the people waiting for Moses to give them God’s instructions. But we have that access directly. God says: “Now is your time—arise, shine! For the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Time is short. My people need to know My love is here, and it is for them. Start with what you have, who you are, because, it’s not about “you,” it’s all about Me! And I have called you to be My voice to a lost and dying world. I will fill your mouth if you will but take the steps, be obedient and open it [your mouth]! Your time is now—speak, walk, be My hands and feet to a world that needs to know My love.”

Building a Chain

Susan Hulet
Foursquare Credentialed Minister

As we sang “I hear the chains falling,” I heard the Lord say, “I am building a chain here with My people. Each of us is a link in this chain. Alone and unlinked we have little power, but linked together we have a unity of agreement and strength that will pull down the powers of hell. We are the links, and the power of the links together is our expression to this world of God’s love. No gift is small in His sight if it is done in His love.”

Generational Worship

Mary Schuck

This morning during the worship, I saw heaven opened, and those who have died in Christ worshiped and praised the Holy God along with us. I saw my father, mother, aunt, and my friend’s teenage granddaughter who was murdered in Chicago two years ago.

This evening, I sensed it again—no separation between those here in the arena glorifying God and crying “Holy.” We, along with those who have gone to heaven before us, were all worshiping God together.

A Sweet Offering

Tom Ward
Assisting Minister
New Community (Glendora Foursquare Church)
Glendora, Calif.

I saw a picture of the purest white, gold, silver being breathed in by each one of those who were in the evening service.  And as each one of us was breathing out, all the colors of a purest rainbow came out as a sweet offering unto the Lord.

We Have the Victory

Mako Arakawa

I saw The Foursquare Church having the faith to lead and stand before the seas, lifting their hands to the Lord, and the Lord parting the seas. 

The Lord is saying that this past year we’ve been being bold to go. And now the Lord is giving the victory through Christ Jesus in our ministries, our homes, our churches and the body of Christ. We have victory. 

Another Level

Danielle Traore
License Applicant
Fountain of Living Waters (Phelan Foursquare Church)
Phelan, Calif.

This is the word of God. Genesis 35. God says that He is taking The Foursquare Church to another level. But for His people to see His glory, we must take away anything that can prevent our seeing His glory (all idols in our lives).