Convention 2015

Sent. We do not only go; we are sent.

2015 Operations Report

Newly appointed VP and COO Adam Davidson opened with a reminder of Foursquare Connection 2014’s plan, which featured the end goal to do all we can to finish the Great Commission in our lifetime, and the brave question we must keep asking: “what if?”

What if the tithe is returned to the local church ministry for missional activities?

What if the Foursquare Foundation was aligned to fund missional activity around the globe?

That plan was overwhelmingly approved in Dallas, and this year Adam brought news of great progress made toward these targets. In 2015, $20.8 million of the $30.8 million tithe is being returned to the mission field via local church funding, retirement contributions and district funding.

To reduce operating costs, central office staffing has been further slimmed down. Real estate needs at the central office have been lowered, with rental agreements in the corporate sector now offsetting the cost of owning and operating the building, making the central administration even more fiscally efficient. Other strategic decisions have been made to sell 15 non-strategic income producing properties in the Echo Park area, the proceeds from which will be reinvested to gain a higher return.

There are changes in processes that will make property transactions and credential applications more streamlined, which translates to less frustration for local pastors and church leaders.

He also shared about a new Online Administrative Toolkit that features a myriad of forms, training materials and financial tools all in one place.

Bringing more good news, he announced that The Foursquare Hub will be launching this summer, and will replace the outdated EZRA database.

Adam reminded attendees that “change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” But all this change is strategically designed to help us reach our end goal by aligning all things to prioritize mission.

COO Presentation
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