Convention 2015

Sent. We do not only go; we are sent.

2015 State of the Local Church

The U.S. Church is continuing to progress with the Reimagine vision.

To be precise, in the past six years, there have been 607 pastoral transitions within Foursquare, and in the last 12 months the average age difference has been 11 years as the baton is handed from one generation to the next.

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo shared about exciting progress in leadership education and training that will promote and increase opportunities in the field as The Foursquare Church launches a learning management system using the Canvas platform, which will be freely available to all licensed Foursquare ministers. Dreaming out loud, Tammy stated, “Our current direction is intended to make Foursquare known as a tribe that values and practices lifelong learning.” A symposium on education is planned for the first quarter of 2016.

There is also standardizing newly developed national framework for church planting, whilst leaving room for important contextualization at the district level. The Global Cities initiative is progressing, as urban missionaries are establishing and implementing strategies in Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago, with plans to launch in New York within the year.

Tammy also updated the convention body on the progress made in Stake 2 of the Reimagine Foursquare initiative. Aligning our districts to a catalytic culture has resulted in the streamlining of our districts into the “1 Team, 12 Districts” model. This has been facilitated by consolidation of districts, and the creation of the new Distrito Hispano del Suroeste (Southwestern Hispanic District).

This team of district supervisors is focused on the following missional objectives:

  • Leadership Development
  • Church Multiplication
  • Church Health and Transformation


The National Church Office (NCO) is operating as a much smaller team with a large task ahead of them, as they seek to serve the districts and continue towards the goal of creating a catalytic culture.

Serving with Tammy in the slimmed-down NCO team are:

  • Daniel Prieto (Hispanic multiplication coordinator)
  • Larry Spousta (Leadership health coordinator and national pastor)
  • Lisa Penberthy (NCO operations manager)
  • Ted Vail (FMI area missionary/Urban and Multicultural director)


Download Tammy Dunahoo’s full report to learn more.

U.S. Foursquare Church Report
Download PDF (438 KB)