Convention 2015

Sent. We do not only go; we are sent.

2015 Foursquare Foundation Report

Joe Wainer, Executive Director of the Foursquare Foundation, said that he was proud of the great heritage of the Foursquare Foundation, and that it is also time to look ahead. The Foursquare Foundation has become better strategically aligned with the National Church Office (NCO) and Foursquare Missions International (FMI), and has had key roles in education, church multiplication (Global Cities Strategy), and funding the Global Council.

The Paul and Marilee Risser Endowment for Pastoral Leadership Fund continues to invest in educational institutes, while those on the retired end of ministry service are finding assistance through strategic property investments in Los Angeles and Portland, Ore., where Foursquare Senior Living subsidies are made available to qualifying ministers at the Parkview Living and The Linden complexes, respectively.

In Joe’s closing statements, he shared that vision must exceed our available resources, and that the Foursquare Foundation exists to partner with those dreams.

Download the full Foundation reports to learn more about how the Foursquare Foundation is accelerating worldwide evangelism.

Foundation Director’s Report
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Foundation Financial Report
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