Convention 2014

Multiply. Disciples, Leaders, Churches and Movements

Reimagine Foursquare

The 2014 convention body affirmed by show of hands the direction that Reimagine Foursquare would take The Foursquare Church. The Reimagine recommendations were presented in relation to the Five Stakes:

  • Aligning everything Foursquare to the Great Commission (our mission)
  • Aligning the National Church Office and district offices to a catalytic culture
  • Aligning 100 percent of the tithe to the field (local and district)
  • Aligning Foursquare Foundation to resourcing and supporting the Foursquare mission
  • Aligning polity to provide property options for local churches


A significant change regards ownership of and responsibility for local church properties. It seems appropriate and beneficial for many churches that titles be held by the local entities themselves instead of by the national church. Going forward, local churches can choose to form a limited liability companies (LLC) to buy, own or lease their own buildings.

Other proposed changes that were presented include the following:

  • Reduce the total number of districts, while possibly adding a Hispanic district
  • Further central office cuts, including possible staff reductions and property sales
  • Improved training opportunities for leaders, with ongoing education requirements


The Reimagine Foursquare shifts are the practical steps by which Foursquare will be realigned to better reflect its newly framed goal of becoming a Great Commission movement.

The Reimagine proposals will next be considered by national leaders at a series of meetings in June, including the board of directors meetings, with implementation to follow in stages. Some changes will require amending the Foursquare bylaws, and that will begin at Foursquare Connection 2015.

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