Convention 2014

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2014 President’s Report

Foursquare President Glenn Burris, Jr., unveiled the Five Stakes of the Reimagine process—the cornerstones of returning our denomination to its roots of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Prior to the Dallas convention, Glenn presented the document to the Cabinet in March and communicated its points to Foursquare credentialed ministers.

“One hundred percent of the Cabinet said, ‘We want to affirm this as a direction,’” Glenn told the convention. “That meant more to me than anything. Jesus said, ‘I have called you My bride because your best days are ahead of you.’”

The Five Stakes are as follows:

Align everything to the Great Commission.

“We were birthed from a local church that started a movement that went global. We must recover that singular focus.”

Align the National Church Office and district offices as a catalytic culture.

Glenn noted that over time of any cause, many people lose sight of the cause and it takes intervention to reinstate it.

“God ordained the institution but He didn’t ordain denominations,” he said. “But He did start the (local) church. He gave His life for the church. We need to make sure the local church is the primary cause.”

Align 100 percent of the title with local churches and districts.

Glenn said the reason for calling it the “extension tithe” is because it was designed to extend Foursquare’s mission. By 2015 plans are for 70 percent of the tithe to reach the field, an increase of $7 million

Align Foursquare Foundation to resourcing and supporting the Foursquare mission.

Instead of continuing its arduous grant process, the foundation will become a strategic catalyst for the Four-Stage Strategy and Reimaging process.

Align polity to provide more for local churches.

The goal is to allow local churches more opportunities to be creative with their assets. Glenn said existing loan agreements will necessitate this being a long-term process that in some cases could take 25 years.

In a devotional leading up to the presentation, Glenn referenced Old Testament prophet Nehemiah and how he sought God’s heart in the rebuilding process.

“We want to know the heart of God that causes the stakes to go deeply,” Glenn said. “We’re not going to go backwards. We’re not going to lose ground; we’re going to move forward.”

On the closing day of the convention, Glenn also announced that The King’s University building in Van Nuys, Calif., which was purchased two years ago for $14 million to develop a global learning center, has been sold. The funds were replaced in Foursquare’s investment account.

President Report
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