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2014 Foursquare Foundation Report

As the Foursquare Foundation’s 10th anniversary approaches, Executive Director Joe Wainer said the Reimagine Foursquare process is helping align its separate organization with the ICFG’s structure and wisdom.

“We have a moment to make changes that will launch us into a future that’s bright, healthy and aligned,” Joe said in his convention report. “This is a moment God has brought us to.”

Because of Reimagine, individual grant applications online have already been curtailed. When the foundation celebrates its first decade next January it will be awarding grants in consultation with national, district and global missions leaders, he said.

One of the challenges the foundation has faced is simply celebrating the fruit of its efforts. Because of structural separation, conversions sometimes wound up as duplicate results reported to ICFG as well.

In addition, although the foundation counts 7.5 million conversions and thousands of water and Holy Spirit baptisms, Joe said that may not accurately reflect all the fruit.
“It may not be because of dollars,” he said. “There are times when we’ve invested money and the partnership would have happened anyway. Relationships are paramount. We know each other and love each other. It’s when discipleship occurs, not because of financial resources.”

During his decade at the central office in Los Angeles, Joe said he has observed a tendency to work around issues instead of fixing them. However, he said the solution will come not from avoiding problems but hearing God’s voice and moving together to resolve them.

The “what if?” question Joe said the foundation board asked was what if missionaries and church planters worked strategically with existing leaders to forward plans to the foundation board instead of relying on a staff review to evaluate grants.

“(What if) instead of funding around them we go back to those entities?” he asked. “What we’re after in this season is greater accountability. It comes from mutual submission to a greater purpose.”

Joe said when the Foursquare family comes together and is united in a common purpose, we will see how we need each other to fulfill all the ministries that God has placed on our heart. True achievement is when we work together and celebrate in a special way what He is doing, he said.

Foundation Annual Report 2013
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