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2014 FMI Report

With an expressive nature and rapid-fire delivery, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) Director Jim Scott told the convention audience that global missions work is alive and well.

“How do I communicate to you that the gospel is going around the world and men’s and women’s lives are being transformed?” said Jim, who spoke of 73 missions officials from 39 nations gathering in Dallas that week for strategy sessions.

“Missions is not done in [the Los Angeles central office]. Missions is done in the local church and around the world. Here’s my dream: We must fulfill the Great Commission. Why not do it in our lifetime?”

Jim said FMI had been working since 2012 on a Reimagine Foursquare-inspired realignment with ICFG, which included a self-examination of its identity.
This process helped it develop the seven Global Mission Fund objectives, which start with funding catalytic leaders who will open new nations and penetrate unreached people groups.

That and such objectives as equipping leaders and missionaries, and cultivating church planting movements, guide all FMI reports and budgets, Jim explained.

Although he only briefly referenced the 2014 annual report that is available online, its highlights include such progress as the Mid-Atlantic District partnering with Area Missionary Dan Lucero to establish a church in Niamey, Niger.

Through the networking of South Pacific Area Missionaries Jerry Stott (South Pacific) and David Stone (Caribbean) and other leaders, Foursquare has expanded to the island nations of Palau, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, Grenada and St. Lucia.

Associate Director Ted Vail reported that the FMI team has developed a vital relationship with Foursquare Mexico as the national church there becomes a Stage-Four work.

In addition to traditional missionaries, Jim said Foursquare is seeing unique methods like business owners relocating to nations where they can plant churches, and immigrants returning home from the U.S. to start new works after their conversions.

Exciting developments Jim outlined for the convention audience include such things as rapidly-growing Christian business groups in China, the purchase of a building in Cuba for a new Foursquare central office there, and reaching 13 unnamed unreached people groups last year.

“Someday those people will be standing to celebrate,” Jim said of John’s vision in Revelation of all nations gathering in heaven. “God is moving through us. We’re seeing His work done.”

FMI Annual Report (English)
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