Convention 2013

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Bylaw Amendments

This year’s convention body passed two significant bylaw amendments:

  • Voting by absentee ballots, which would make it possible to vote for a Foursquare president without attending convention
  • Increasing the number of directors on Foursquare’s board of directors so that all 14 districts have board representation

The absentee voting amendment makes it possible for eligible members to vote by absentee ballot in Foursquare presidential elections, either to ratify a sitting president or elect a new president. The amendment accommodates both voting by mail and voting electronically.

The second amendment increases the maximum number of directors allowed on the board from 20 to 25. This allows the selection of a board member from each of the 14 districts in the United States; currently only nine districts have directors on the board at any one time. Corporate Secretary Sterling Brackett stated that the process of electing the additional directors will begin straightaway. New directors should be seated by the end of this year.