Convention 2012

Convention 2012. Reclaim Our Voice.

During Connection 2012, three respected members of the Foursquare family offered prophecies during the main sessions.

Leslie Keegel

Leslie Keegel, Foursquare’s national leader of Sri Lanka, shared portions of a prophecy he recently received. “God is going to pour out His Spirit on the United States of America,” Keegel affirmed, adding that this move of God will happen in the next several years, bring recovery to the U.S., begin among Latinos and grow across the nation.

Download the full prophecy (PDF, 104 KB).

Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D.

Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D., founder of The Coastlands (Aptos Foursquare Church) in Aptos, Calif., and Commended to the Word, spoke a word over the multiple generations of Foursquare leaders in attendance, calling on each person to offer himself or herself to be fully used by God to reach the world for Christ. “Don’t sit beside the fire,” he exhorted, but “lose yourselves in the flame of God.”

Jean Darnall

Jean Darnall, an ordained Foursquare evangelist and assisting minister from The Church On the Way in Van Nuys, Calif., ministered a prophetic word of the Lord to the convention body. She said the Holy Spirit had given each leader gifts to reach the world, but that some had become stagnant in using those gifts. She said the Holy Spirit was opening new opportunities for the church to minister in a world shaken by darkness and sin, and she strongly urged people to move out and boldly use their gifts again.