Convention 2012

Convention 2012. Reclaim Our Voice.

In a presentation titled “Hitting the Bullseye: The Five Targets,” Foursquare President Glenn Burris Jr. reiterated his commitment to the five missional targets first presented to the Foursquare cabinet and convention body in 2011. He stressed that the ultimate goal of The Foursquare Church is “the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole world.”

Reminding the audience that The Foursquare Church was founded at the pinnacle of revival, he emphasized the need to “contend for His power and presence more than we contend for growth,” adding, “I believe that fruitfulness is a byproduct of our willingness to submit full and freely to His plans for our church family.”

Noting that The Foursquare Church is a “movement with a message on a mission,” with overall goals of spiritual vitality, organizational health and missional effectiveness, President Burris then touched briefly on each of the five missional targets, emphasizing the following goals:

  1. Leaders: Every leader becoming both a student and a mentor, living out a healthy personal balance of spiritual devotion, ministry and family.
  2. Churches: Becoming a healthy, reproducing, local-church-centric culture that embraces and empowers movements within a movement.
  3. Nations: FMI renewing its focus on engaging and resourcing local U.S. churches to do national and world missions; the global Foursquare church becoming a full partner in worldwide evangelism and discipleship.
  4. People Groups: All people groups being embraced and empowered to find their voice and place of ministry influence within The Foursquare Church.
  5. Resources: One hundred percent of local church contributions being used to support the missional targets of The Foursquare Church; corporate assets being leveraged to fund the central office infrastructure that supports national and global mission.

The president concluded by saying, “We have enormous challenges before us—but we also have unprecedented opportunity.” He also noted the possibility that the Great Commission will be “fulfilled in our lifetime.”

The president’s report was unanimously approved by the convention body.

Download the president’s presentation (PDF, 1.1 MB).
Download the president’s report (PDF, 438 KB).