Convention 2012

Convention 2012. Reclaim Our Voice.

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo presented a report from the National Church Office (NCO) addressing the role of NCO in regard to targets 1, 2, 4 and 5. (Target 3 relates to Foursquare Missions International.)

  1. Leaders: The focal points for this target are pre-service and in-service training, together with leadership care.
    1. Pre-service training: A listing of opportunities for pre-service training is now available on In fall 2012, a list will be available of the pre-service training institutions (local church, district and national) that are certified for core competency training for Foursquare licensing. Plans are being developed for a residency and deployment plan for students who graduate from training programs. Through this plan, Foursquare churches across the U.S. would provide these graduates with 1-2 years of practical ministry experience and intentional mentoring, with an end goal of pastoral appointment, church planting or missions appointment.
    2. In-service training: Low-cost online classes are being developed that will provide continuing education for Foursquare ministers. 
    3. Leadership care: The C.A.R.E. ministry, together with the East Coast and West Coast locations of the Center for Spiritual Renewal (CSR East/CSR West) continue to provide safe, confidential venues for personal counseling, interventions and spiritual renewal.
  2. Churches: The NCO focal point is the development of a sustainable strategy for church planting. Changes planned for 2012 include better assessment and coaching of church planters and their teams, increased planting of multiethnic and nontraditional churches, and multiple funding partnerships.
  3. People Groups: Foursquare NextGen ministry is committed to coaching and training the leaders needed to disciple emerging generations. Urban/multicultural objectives include development of networks and training for “multiethnic pastoring.”
  4. Resources: The streamlining and focusing of administrative practices will continue, including revamping of the licensing process and ongoing assessment of church reporting and measurements.

“We are just making the turn to begin gaining missional momentum,” Tammy said. “There is still much to do, and we cannot do it all at once; but we have made enormous progress in a short amount of time.”

The general supervisor’s report was unanimously approved by the convention body.

Download the general supervisor’s presentation (PDF, 9.7 MB).
Download the general supervisor’s report (PDF, 847 KB).