Convention 2012

Convention 2012. Reclaim Our Voice.

Greg Campbell, CEO of Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS), presented the convention report. 

To date, FFS has put together a management team and board, along with a communication strategy, which states that FFS is “a financial services partner serving the Foursquare family by providing solutions that integrate faith and finances for enduring kingdom impact.” A loan fund and insurance task force have also been established.

2012 objectives include the following:

  • Further communication/marketing strategies
  • Developing a business process map and manual for new operation
  • Raising $10 million in loan certificates from individuals and churches
  • Increasing the loan portfolio to $28 million by the end of the year

Other objectives include work with insurance and income properties as well as continued development of planned giving and retirement strategies.

Foursquare Foundation

To date, Foursquare Foundation has disbursed just under $63 million, more than two thirds of which went to global grants. The report demonstrated how the Foundation’s giving aligned with all five missional targets (leaders, churches, nations, people groups and resources).

Foursquare Foundation is an entity of Foursquare Financial Solutions.

Download the Foursquare Financial Solutions presentation (PDF, 892 KB).
Download the Foursquare Foundation report (PDF, 4.6 MB).