Convention 2012

Convention 2012. Reclaim Our Voice.

During the business meetings held Tuesday, May 29, and Thursday, May 31, the convention body approved the following measures:

  • Amendment to the Minister’s Code of Ethics: Requires that ministers disclose, to their supervisor, the details of any transaction in which the interests of the minister and/or his/her relatives may conflict with the interests of The Foursquare Church. The supervisor must provide approval before the transaction may be completed.
  • Bylaw Amendment: Sec. 7.1.2.C: In regard to the selection of an interim president, a special meeting of the board will be called, and nominations will be received. A review committee will review the qualifications of and interview nominees, present recommendations to the board, and the board will vote. Nominees may neither serve on the review committee, participate in deliberations, nor may they vote. The interim president must receive approval from 75 percent of the cabinet before being considered as a candidate for the next presidential selection.
  • Bylaw Amendment: Sec. 8.3.1: Divisional superintendents must hold appointment to a place of service in their division, but are no longer required to reside in that division.
  • Bylaw Amendment: Sec. 17.2: This section is reorganized to distinguish “church tenant” leases from “church landlord” leases.
  • Bylaw Amendment: Sec. 17.6: Allows churches not insured by Foursquare Insurance to have minimum coverage limits that are not tied to the amounts available in Foursquare group policies.

Additionally, a position statement, Immigrants and The Foursquare Church of the U.S., was presented by Ted Vail and approved by the convention body.

The following measures were tabled pending further review, discussion and/or action:

  • Amendment to the Minister’s Code of Ethics: Requires that ministers officiate marriages only between a man and a woman.
  • Amendment to the Minister’s Code of Ethics: Forbids use of, and authorization of use of, Foursquare real and personal property in any way that would violate the mission, purpose and bylaws of The Foursquare Church.
  • Bylaw amendment: Sec. 12:1: Requires the following evidences for ministerial licensing: salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, calling to the ministry, good moral character, financial prudence/responsibility, proficiency in Foursquare polity, and adherence to Foursquare doctrine and values.
  • A position statement in support of Israel.

Download the proposed bylaws report (PDF, 4 MB).
Download the approved immigration statement (PDF, 140 KB).
Download the full bylaws (PDF, 373 KB)