Convention 2011

Convention 2011. Accelerate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

Presidential Report

During the opening night of Connection 2011, President Glenn Burris Jr. laid out a clear vision for the future of The Foursquare Church.

President Glenn Burris Jr. outlined Five Targets that will help The Foursquare Church accelerate its mission. "These targets will provide the framework of my focus as I help lead our movement during this season," Glenn noted.

The five targets focus on the following: Leaders, Churches, Nations, People Groups and Resources.

Target 1: Leaders

What if every leader were well-equipped?

The Foursquare Church looks to create a culture of discipleship in which intentional leadership training is our highest priority.

Target 2: Churches

What if every church were healthy and reproducing?

We dream of a church multiplication culture and a sustainable multiplication strategy that is well resourced, producing a 10 percent increase in church plants annually.

Target 3: Nations

What if every nation were reached?

We look to solidify a global partnership of Foursquare churches working together to reach the world, a strategy that builds bridges and enlists creative, cutting-edge programs to reach to the unreached.

Target 4: People Groups

What if every people group were enfranchised?

The Foursquare Church looks to have multicultural and multigenerational congregations meeting in every Foursquare facility in our nation, providing all cultures and generations the opportunity to lead and contribute.

Target 5: Resources

What if every opportunity were resourced?

Glenn is looking to fully cover the administrative costs of The Foursquare Church through an innovative income stream, enabling 100 percent of the tithe we receive to go toward mission.

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