Convention 2011

Convention 2011. Accelerate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

State of the U.S. Church (National Church Office)

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo gave a clear challenge to Connection 2011 Attendees: To plant a Foursquare church in every county in the U.S.

At Connection 2011, General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo gave a sobering report of our need to concentrate on leadership, and church health and multiplication. We have experienced nearly two decades of no growth.

The transition to the new district model has been helpful, but the National Church Office (NCO) is still making adjustments. Advances are being made  in many areas, such as pastoral care; C.A.R.E. has positively interacted with numerous ministers and pastors over the last few months.

NCO initiated a 360-degree assessment tool to gauge the health and effectiveness of each district. Important feedback is emerging, and an executive summary of the survey that LifeWay conducted among our ministers was shared at Connection 2011 in Columbus.

At the conclusion of her annual report, which included updates on where local Foursquare churches are at in the Four-Stage Development Model, Tammy led the audience in a candle-lighting ceremony symbolic of placing “a candle in every community."

“When we work together,” Tammy affirmed, “we can light the world with the light of Jesus Christ.”

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