Convention 2011

Convention 2011. Accelerate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

Bylaw Updates

Voting delegates from churches across the nation gathered together in Columbus, Ohio, May 30-June 2 to decide on some important matters as it pertains to Foursquare's future and bylaws

The following bylaw amendments were approved by the convention body:

1. Board

Non-voting participants

    Must be ratified by the convention
    One-year terms
    Five-year maximum term limit


    Must be a member in good standing of a local Foursquare church
    May be removed for cause

Board Responsibilities

    Insurance and loan departments
    Foursquare Foundation
    Income properties near central office
    May utilize executive officers and/or subsidiary corporations for direct oversight

2. Officers

    Timing of procedure to ratify president is adjusted
    Blank, write-in, illegible, etc., ballots disregarded
    Board selects interim president
    Vice president may serve as temporarily “president pro tem”

3. Cabinet

    Role revised and expanded
    Procedure for nominating candidates for president clarified and codified, based on last year’s model
    Two-thirds approval of cabinet required to recommend sitting president for ratification
    Chaplains have representative
    Board appoints the cabinet moderator

Learn More

Listen to the bylaws discussions that took place at Connection 2011 (MP3, 33.2 MB)

Download the updated Foursquare bylaws (PDF, 233 KB)