Cabinet 2017

Cabinet 2017. Foursquare Family Business.

President’s Report

“When things converge in our personal journeys, there is nothing quite like it. Think about the convergence of calling, opportunity, anointing and timing.”

Those words helped shape the emphases of President Glenn Burris Jr.’s 2017 cabinet report.

The president’s report included an update of the Reimagine Foursquare process; the alignment of the various departments has progressed well. The report also incorporated presentations regarding empowered leadership in three different areas: ethnicities, gender and generations.

Glenn shared the areas of primary focus for his remaining three years as president:

  • Solidify a spiritual culture
  • Shepherd a healthy transition
  • Strengthen Foursquare’s global identity
  • Synergize our U.S. global mission
  • Secure a sustainable, global partnership


President’s Report
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