Cabinet 2017

Cabinet 2017. Foursquare Family Business.

State of Foursquare Missions International

Ted Vail, director of Foursquare Missions International (FMI), reported that 2016 was a year of significant advancements in spreading the gospel. FMI’s working in partnership with U.S. churches helped achieve greater results than could have been achieved individually.

Having completed the Reimagine Foursquare process for FMI, Ted shared the three objectives that emerged from that process:

  • Reaching unreached people groups
  • Developing a strategic global partnership, using the Four-Stage Model
  • Strengthening partnerships with U.S. churches

The following are some of the 2016 highlights of the ministry of FMI around the world:

  • More than 2 million people came to Christ through the global Foursquare family.
  • Almost 1 million people were baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The Great Commission continues to be FMI’s focus. Ted stated that FMI is increasing its efforts to take the gospel to the unreached and the least-reached.

FMI Report
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