Cabinet 2017

Cabinet 2017. Foursquare Family Business.

2017 Cabinet Overview

The 2017 cabinet convened March 13-15 in Glendale, Calif. Out of 86 invited participants, 79 attended the cabinet meeting (75 voting participants, 11 observers).

The cabinet’s discussions included the following topics:

  • President-elect concept: The discussion centered on the process of selecting a president-elect and how best to implement that new role.
  • Proposed bylaw amendments: Bylaw Committee chairman, El Clark, presented the proposed amendments, many of which are related to Charter churches and Covenant churches. The other major amendments have to do with the president-elect.
  • Discussion of future international conventions: Themes and locations for 2018, 2019 and 2020 Foursquare Connection events were talked about. Foursquare Connection 2017 will be held in Washington, D.C.


Continuing with the practice that was implemented in 2013, reports from major departments were not presented orally. The reports from the president, general supervisor, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) director, treasurer and Foursquare Foundation director were provided for cabinet participants to review before the meetings; time was provided for questions and discussion regarding the various reports. The cabinet recommended that all the reports be presented to the 2017 convention body in Washington, D.C.

The cabinet ratified the appointment of Nathan M. Poetzl to the board of directors. This is in keeping with the Foursquare bylaws (article 6.3).

The cabinet made the following additional recommendations to the board of directors:

  • To move forward with the president-elect concept that the board, along with the Bylaw Committee, work on the timing of selection and start date of the new office
  • To clarify in the bylaws that a candidate for president must be a member in good standing of a District, Covenant or Foursquare Charter church
  • That the 2017 proposed bylaw amendments, as presented by Rev. El Clark, Bylaw Committee chairman, be forwarded to the 2017 convention body
  • That the return of tithe to the field would rest at 80 percent, as outlined in the 2020 plan