Cabinet 2016

Cabinet 2016. Foursquare Family Business.

State of the U.S. Church

The National Church Office (NCO) continued its partnership with local churches as they concentrated on Reimagine Foursquare. General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo stated that 2015 efforts were focused on further implementation of Stake 2, aligning the national and district offices to a catalytic culture.

At the time of the report, NCO was in the process of selecting a new supervisor for the Southwest District, as Kimberly Dirmann will conclude her tenure as supervisor at the end of the 2016 convention in Honolulu. District appointments are made in keeping with the catalytic culture concept that is articulated in Stake 2.

Since the report was presented, Hawaii District Supervisor Fernando Castillo was chosen to lead the converged districts of Hawaii and Southwest. This brought the total number of districts down to 11.

The now 11 districts are successfully functioning as “1 Team, 11 Districts.” The three missional objective teams are in place:

  • Leadership Formation/NextGen (Sam Rockwell, Kimberly Dirmann, Ron Pinkston, Juan Vallejo)
  • Church Multiplication (Dave Veach, Bill Gross, Fernando Castillo, Gabe Barreiro)
  • Church Transformation (Dennis Easter, Peter Bonanno, Dan Mundt, David Coffey)

Each of the missional objective teams met three times in 2015; they developed objective frameworks to help further continuity and local contextualization. 

NCO continues to monitor and adjust its methods and ideologies, and expects to see continued fruitfulness in 2016.

NCO Report
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