Cabinet 2016

Cabinet 2016. Foursquare Family Business.

State of Foursquare Foundation

Foursquare Foundation’s Interim CEO Joseph Wainer reported that Foursquare Foundation’s investments and partnerships in ministry continue to bear much fruit.

Since its beginning in 2004, Foursquare Foundation reports the following results of $52,099,302 awarded to 1,002 projects in 103 countries:

Decisions for Christ 8,622,528
Water baptisms 814,394
Holy Spirit baptisms 733,533
Churches established 9,374
Cell groups established 24,384
Leaders trained 279,773

Foursquare Foundation is currently undergoing a transition that is designed to increase its fruitfulness and alignment with Foursquare mission. The following goals have been articulated:

  • Developing a new charter and bylaws
  • Populating the new foundation board
  • Hire a permanent CEO
  • Achieving greater missional effectiveness and creating more income streams

As the partnerships around the world continue in 2016, more laborers will be trained and equipped and sent into the harvest fields.

Foursquare Foundation Report
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