Cabinet 2015

Cabinet 2015. Foursquare Family Business.

2015 Presidential Report

“Every decision, every dollar and every discussion has to be motivated by the reality that billions have not yet decided, and billions have not yet heard.”

Those words framed the viewpoint of President Glenn Burris Jr.’s 2015 cabinet report.

The Five Stakes were reiterated, and a report of the progress toward achieving each one was provided. The Five Stakes are as follows:

  • Align everything Foursquare to the Great Commission (our mission)
  • Align the National Church Office and district offices to a catalytic culture
  • Align 100 percent of the tithe to the field (local and district)
  • Align Foursquare Foundation to resourcing and supporting the Foursquare mission
  • Align polity to provide property options for local churches

The Five Stakes are all focused on the Great Commission, and each one has a specific role in helping The Foursquare Church fulfill its role in seeing that the gospel is heard around the world.

Referring to parallels that he had drawn from the story of Gideon, Glenn stated that we may feel that the odds are against our achieving what we have heard God speak to us about the future. He then stated that he is convinced that the following things are true:

  • God is engaged and serious about intervening.
  • Spiritual strongholds will continually need to be dismantled.
  • It is only through the miraculous that we will see the things in our hearts (birthed by God) come to pass.


Presidential Report
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