Cabinet 2015

Cabinet 2015. Foursquare Family Business.

Foursquare Cabinet 2015 Overview

The 2015 cabinet convened March 2–4, 2015, in Glendale, Calif. Out of ­­­­­­99 invited participants, 94 attended the cabinet meeting (86 voting participants, eight observers).

The cabinet’s discussions centered primarily on the following major topics:

  • Update on the Five Stakes of Reimagine
    Significant discussion focused on returning a portion of the tithe to local churches and the ways that those funds may be spent.
  • Initial discussion of the presidential selection process
    A task force will do further study and will present a report to the cabinet in 2016.
  • Issues surrounding same-sex marriage
    The Foursquare Church’s stance on the issues has not changed; pastors and churches need help with understanding the spiritual, relational and legal issues involved.
  • The importance of maintaining the hallmarks of our Pentecostal doctrine
    The Doctrine Committee’s recommendations in regard to training and teaching all four major doctrines at Foursquare gatherings was well received.

In keeping with the practice that was implemented in 2013, reports from major departments were not presented orally. The reports from the president, general supervisor, Foursquare Missions International (FMI) director, and treasurer were provided for cabinet participants to review before the meetings; time was provided for questions and discussion regarding the various reports. The cabinet recommended that the reports be presented to the 2015 convention body in Anaheim, Calif.

The cabinet made the following additional recommendations to the board of directors:

  • The cabinet recommended that the use of resource funds be at the discretion of the local church, but should be in the category of church multiplication, church transformation or leadership development; further, those resource funds may be used locally, nationally and/or globally.
  • The cabinet recommended that a task force be formed of select representatives of the cabinet to review the presidential selection process and present a recommendation to the 2016 cabinet regarding potential adjustment to the process.
  • The cabinet received the Doctrine Committee letter regarding the baptism with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. The cabinet recommended that an additional line be added to the licensing application that indicates that the applicant is earnestly seeking the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the physical evidence of  to speaking in tongues. The cabinet also recommended that a task force be formed to study the licensing application and interview process in order to present a recommendation to the 2016 cabinet; the task force would include the Doctrine Committee, the National Church Committee (NCC), and others deemed appropriate by the board.
  • The cabinet recommended that the ratification of Rev. Burt Smith to the board of directors for a second five-year term, effective September 1, 2015, be forwarded to the 2015 convention body.
  • The cabinet recommended that the proposed bylaw amendments be forwarded to the convention body.