Cabinet 2014

Cabinet 2014. Foursquare Family Business.

State of the Local Church (U.S.)

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo stated that in 2013 the National Church Office (NCO) partnered with local churches as they focused on Reimagine Foursquare. NCO also continued to move the Five Targets forward.

Tammy’s report specifically cited progress relating to leaders, churches and people groups; those three targets were reflected in the allocation of resources, which is the fifth target.


NCO is continuing to focus on education and training that are focused on “head, heart and hand.” Leader health is also a primary emphasis.


NCO has identified seven global cities on which to concentrate church-planting efforts. The teams in each city will establish the following:

  • A multiethnic strategy
  • Apostolic leadership
  • A cluster of churches
  • Multiplying DNA, i.e., residencies, internships
  • Embedded missionary approach to church planting

People Groups

Approximately 25 percent of Foursquare churches are distinctly ethnic; in other words, they are not white, English-speaking congregations. Efforts are being made to fully assimilate all of these congregations.

Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnicity in the United States, and a partnership between NCO and the National Hispanic Council is in place to facilitate the continued fruitfulness of Hispanic congregations.

NCO is continuously monitoring and adjusting its systems and programs and expects to see continued fruitfulness in 2014.

Tammy Dunahoo’s NCO Report
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