Cabinet 2014

Cabinet 2014. Foursquare Family Business.

2014 Foursquare Foundation Report

Foursquare Foundation Director Joseph Wainer reported that, since 2005, almost 7.5 million salvations have resulted from Foundation investments and partnerships in ministry. The numbers of changed lives increase every year as a result of worldwide efforts.

The Foundation report contained the following to-date disbursements:

Disbursement Amount
Grant Awards $50,069,829
Target NCO $349,352
Target FMI $524,029
Parking Structure $13,100,000
Risser Endowment $2,392,984
Tithe to ICFG $4,287,566
Gift to Musical $2,000,000

Exciting news for 2014 is the global city proposal, which is a joint effort with the National Church Office (NCO). Seven major cities have been targeted as sites for concentrated church planting efforts. 

Foundation Report
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