Cabinet 2013

Cabinet 2013. Foursquare Family Business.

President’s Cabinet 2013 Update:  Toward Renewal

“Renewal! Throughout history, God has used seasons of renewal to bring a fresh perspective, a sharpened focus, a missional advance and breakthrough!” Those words frame the perspective for the 2013 cabinet report presented by President Glenn Burris Jr.

Stating that he believes that The Foursquare Church is at a definitive crossroad in its history, Glenn proposed several assumptions regarding renewal:

  • Returning to a local, church-centric movement as ground zero for training
  • Creating and allowing a culture of the entrepreneurial and creative leadership that will facilitate breakthrough on many fronts
  • Removing obstacles that hinder the full participation or partnership of those called to our movement
  • Right-sizing responsibility, resource and authority across the movement
  • Empowering and strengthening our district offices to become the center points of networking, communication and relationship within our movement
  • Continuing to streamline our central office and narrow its focus to serve the mission of the Foursquare movement
  • Accelerating our global mission and focus, taking advantage of a worldwide open door for evangelism
  • Making the evangelization of immigrant people groups within the U.S. a high national priority
  • Bringing clarity of mission, vision, identity and purpose to the U.S. Foursquare Church
  • Fostering an environment of spiritual renewal in which the Holy Spirit is given free rein to lead us into our future. 

Glenn stated, “Today there is emerging a healthy balance of partnership of missional responsibility!” As we embrace the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit, The Foursquare Church will effectively minister throughout the coming years, effectively realizing mission to evangelize the unsaved of every nation, tribe and people.

Glenn Burris Jr.'s presentation
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