Cabinet 2013

Cabinet 2013. Foursquare Family Business.

Foursquare Foundation Update

Joseph Wainer, interim director of Foursquare Foundation, reported that since 2005 more than seven million salvations have resulted from Foundation investments and partnerships in ministry. Every year the number of changed lives increases as a result of concerted efforts around the world.

As the Foundation looks to the future, significant changes will be incorporated. For 2013-2014, an income-only spend policy will be in place. Further, the Foundation will work more closely with both Foursquare Missions International (FMI) and the National Church Office (NCO):

  • Staff members will be closely involved with Foundation recommendation preparation (prior to previews with the FMI director and the general supervisor).
  • Area missionaries and district supervisors will be part of shaping the future funding distribution models.
  • A grant process review committee will continue to adapt Foundation processes to better serve both the global Foursquare family and the U.S. church family.

This new alignment is designed to more effectively award grants and increase ministry partnerships.

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