Cabinet 2012

Cabinet 2012. Foursquare Family Business.

>Foursquare Financial Solutions Update

Greg Campbell, CEO of Foursquare Financial Solutions (FFS), reported that Foursquare’s new financial entity made large gains in 2011 in regard to structure and operations:

  • Management team and board is in place
  • Communication strategy in process
  • Loan fund established
  • Transitioned the following Foursquare departments and entities under FFS: Foursquare Foundation, IFLF (loans), Insurance, Retirement, Corporate Financial Services, Properties, Income Properties
  • Insurance task force established


FFS strives to keep all areas of its operations aligned with the mission statement:

"We are a financial services partner serving the Foursquare family by providing solutions that integrate faith and finances for enduring kingdom impact.”

One of the goals for 2012 is to help Foursquare ministers develop more effective plans for retirement.

FFS Report
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