Cabinet 2012

Cabinet 2012. Foursquare Family Business.

2012 Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The 2012 cabinet reviewed a number of proposed bylaw amendments. Based on the cabinet’s discussion, the proposed bylaw amendments have been revised. Some have been reworded and others deleted entirely. The revised proposed bylaw amendments are now ready for further review by the cabinet before forwarding to the board for final review before convention.

Although the issue of absentee voting was again discussed, no resolution was achieved. A committee will be established to research the issue further and present a recommendation to the 2013 cabinet.

The cabinet made several recommendations to the board of directors:

  • To draft a position statement on immigration
  • To draft a position statement on same-sex unions
  • To adopt the resolution about Israel (presented to the 2012 cabinet)
  • To address the issue of Foursquare ministers’ automobile insurance coverage


Proposed Amendments
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